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Xerostomia Microgravity Dentistry Digital Orthodontics Experimental Labs

Photo Courtesy of NASA


Microgravity Dentistry

Astronauts are exposed to reduced-gravity environment and zero gravity environment for different periods based on the duration of exposure. There is documented evidence that exposure to microgravity environment results in partially or fully reversible changes in the body of the astronauts.

GenePro Systems aims to study the clinical importance in relation to the oral health of the astronauts due to exposure to microgravity environment. This would help us to find:

  • countermeasures to increase the oral health of the astronauts;
  • predict systemic changes;
  • oral changes in patients subjected to similar environment on earth due to illness, or aging.

Impact of Microgravity on Oral Health

GenePro is researching the effect of microgravity on the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. This research is aimed at oral manifestation of systemic changes that occur due to microgravity.

Our research focuses on the:

  • effect on tooth structures;
  • effect on periodontal structures;
  • effect on the oral mucosa;
  • effect on salivary gland, salivary flow, and crevicular fluid;
  • effect on growth and development of the face;
  • application of this knowledge in ground dentistry.

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