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Xerostomia is a condition characterized by a dry mouth that occurs when saliva production is inadequate or absent. It can be a side effect of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Other causes of Xerostomia may include a tumor in the salivary region, dehydration, antihistamines, narcotics, drugs containing atropine, infections inside the mouth, and the use of tobacco and alcohol.

GenePro Systems' Goals

Our goals are to analyze the different methods of allevating the symptoms of Xerostomia, the current mode of treatment and its effectiveness.

  • The patent pending device developed by GenePro Systems and its effectiveness in relieving Xerostomia.
  • Incorporating the medication/ moisturizer available in the market in the newly invented device and increasing the effectiveness.
  • Increasing the residual concentration of the moisturizer, salivary stimulators dispensed for the Xerostomia.
  • Analyzing the methodology of application of different desensitizing material available in the OTC, to increase the residual concentration to decrease the sensitivity.

To achieve these goals we have chosen three key areas of study:

  • The role of increased residual concentration of the moisturizer in Xerostomia and in hypersensitive teeth.
  • Increased residual concentration of the moisturizer and its effectiveness in preventing radiation caries, mucositis, decreased sensitivity of the teeth.
  • Role of this device in increasing the quality of health of the oncology patients, immune compromised patients, and patients receiving many medications whose side effect is Xerostomia / Drymouth.

GenePro Systems is using several different experimental approaches to achieve our objectives. By performing this work, we expect to see a significant reduction in mucositis, caries due to drymouth, and caries risk after orthodontic treatment.

This device can also be used to carry the Fluoride. Moreover, we expect that this newly invented device will be excellent targets for patients who receive head and neck radiation.

To obtain GenePro's Research Reports and White Papers, contact us via email at or through our website.