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GenePro Systems Services

GenePro Systems' Services

GenePro Systems offers a comprehensive set of consulting services to various research institutions to maximize your Return On Investments (ROI) effectiveness and productivity. Our research team works closely with leading Canadian universities strengthening their research capabilities.

GenePro's research experts work directly with you to provide the guidance, support, training and resources necessary to accelerate ROI and maximize end-user success and productivity.

Consulting Services
Our most successful customers use GenePro's services to assist them with the understanding of oral research as it applies to their applications and environment. This includes exploratory study, experimental set-up, experimental analysis, research publications and proto-type development. GenePro works with leading laboratories to leverage the experimental capability.

Education Services
GenePro's education services provides oral health educational seminars, training and hands-on educational sessions to senior citizen centres, public awareness, young adults and school children.

For more information on our Educational and Consulting Services, contact us via email at or through our website.